Like Cheddar we felt that the Bries needed a category to themselves. We all love a good oozy runny brie that tries to escape the cheese board. The runniest of them all is the 'king of cheeses' from France... the Brie de Meaux!

Brie a la truffe

Soft Cheese


Truffle Brie is a french brie sandwiching fresh Winter Black Truffles in the centre.
It has a highly aromatic earthy flavour and is a creamy, grassy tasting soft cheese.

This brie has the particularity of being less distinctive in order to let the truffle express itself in perfect harmony. This is a rich and decadent combination and should be eaten freshly made with a natural edible white. This unic cheese has a soft velvety texture with a tender bloomy rind.

The cheese is split in two then coated with a preparation based on black summer truffles (2.5%), mascarpone and the creamy part of the Brie, then closed.

It is suitable for Vegetarians.

Our recommendation? Try with Miller’s Earth Crackers and Hawkshead Chilli Salsa.

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French Cheese, Soft Cheese

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Suitable for Vegetarians


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