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Delice de Bourgogne



Created by Jean Lincet of Fromagerie Lincet, from the Burgundy region in France.

A full flavoured cheese that is rich with a smooth melt in your mouth texture, it is made by blending full fat cow’s milk with crème fraîche to create an incredibly delicious soft cheese which goes perfectly with a crunchy cracker and a slightly sweet chutney.

Similar to other classic French cheeses such as Brie in appearance but with an extra triple cream punch to the palate.

We recommend the Peter’s Yard Crispbreads and the Hawkshead Relish Chilli Jam… a perfect combination for this rich melt in your mouth cheese!!

all allergens marked in bold.

Ingredients:Whole Cow’s Milk Enriched with Cream, Salt, Lactic & Ripening Ferments, Animal Rennet (Trace), Calcium chloride

Typical Values per 100g
Energy 1684kJ / 408 kcal
Fats 40
of which saturates 28.8
Carbohydrates 2
of which sugars 0.4
Fibre 0
Protein 10
Salt 2


Extra weight option

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250 g

Cheese Type

Soft Cheese

Country of origin


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Suitable for Vegetarians


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