Blue Cheese

Some favourite blues from a more mild creamy Yorkshire Blue to a cheese with a bite to it like the popular French Roquefort!

Montagnolo Affine



Montagnolo Affine is a triple cream soft cheese with a ripened surface that is marbled with blue veins, with a natural grey crust, made by Käserei Champignon, Lauben / Allgäu, Germany. 

It has won the Supreme Champion award at the 2013 International Cheese Awards.

Aged at low temperature, and cold-maturation process, it slowly develops aromatic, consistent and spicy flavour. Montagnolo Affine is a premium blue cheese made with pasteurised cows, it is gluten-free, suitable for vegetarians with an edible rind.

It pairs well with red wines and we highly recommend to enjoy it with rustic bread or crackers or as a centrepiece for a cheeseboard.



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Additional information

Cheese Type

Blue Cheese

Country of origin


Milk Type

Cows Milk



Suitable for Vegetarians


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