Like Cheddar we felt that the Bries needed a category to themselves. We all love a good oozy runny brie that tries to escape the cheese board. The runniest of them all is the 'king of cheeses' from France... the Brie de Meaux!

Brie De Meaux



Known as the ‘King of cheeses’ in France, Brie de Meaux was also a cheese of emperors – Charlemagne famously sung its praises in the Middle Ages. Protected today by French law, the cheese must be made with raw milk and calf’s rennet in the Ile-de-France region around 30 miles east of Paris.

Our Brie de Meaux is made by Saint Luc with milk from the Seine et Marne area near Meaux, the cheese has a distinct earthy avour with strong notes of mushroom and a hint of nuts, while the glorious silky interior comes from the curds being hand ladled to retain their delicate structure.

The oozy joy of a fully ripened Brie de Meaux is a very special experience. Intense, luxurious and deeply gratifying, it needs no accompaniment save perhaps a flute of Champagne.

It pairs well with Wheat Beer, Lambic and wines such as Prosecco, Sauvignon Blanc, and Sancerre.

All allergens marked in bold.

Ingredients: Raw Cow’s milk, salt, starter culture, animal rennet

Nutritional value per 100g:

Kilocalories Kilojoules Fat Saturated Fat Sugars Salt Sodium Protein Carbohydrate Fibre
288 1197 20 14.8 0.2 1.8 720 20.4 2.6 0

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French Cheese, Soft Cheese

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