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Some favourite blues from a more mild creamy Yorkshire Blue to a cheese with a bite to it like the popular French Roquefort!

Colston Bassett Stilton



Colston Bassett Stilton Cheese is made by one of the smallest Stilton producers in the country. Colston Bassett is a farmers’ co-operative that has been making cheese in the Vale of Belvoir since 1913. Curds are hand ladled to maintain their delicate structure, producing an intensely rich and creamy cheese. The cheeses are pierced relatively late (to activate the blue mould) so that they have time to develop a rounded avour. Mellow, smooth, and creamy with evenly spread blue veins, Colston Bassett also balances sweet, savoury, and salty notes. This gives it a deep, lingering, and complex flavour that will leave you wanting more.

Colston Bassett Stilton is perfectly at home on your cheeseboard. Our recommendation? Try it on Smoked Chilli Flatbreads with some Hawkshead Chutney.

All allergens marked in bold.

Ingredients: milk, salt, mould, starter, vegetarian rennet

Typical Values per 100g
Energy 1700kJ / 410 kcal
Fats 35
of which saturates 23
Carbohydrates 0.1
of which sugars 0.1
Fibre 0
Protein 23.7
Salt 2


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