British Cheese

A selection of our favourite cheeses from the British Isles, we are lucky that this is a growing list and at Otters we are excited to be finding these amazing cheeses to add to our cheese collection.

“Community” The Local Cheese Selection

Cheese Selections


Interested in knowing our finest local cheese? We promise you won’t be displeased!


Selection Includes:

Rutland Red ~ Using a traditional recipe, it is buttered, clothed and left to mature for 6 months to create its flakey, fruity flavours. Pasteurised / Cows Milk / Hard / Not suitable for Vegetarians.

Colston Bassett Stilton ~ This Stilton is famous for its deep, rich and complex flavours. Pasteurised / Cows Milk / Blue / Not suitable for Vegetarians.

Lincolnshire Vintage Poacher ~ This cheese is a hard, mature cheese that is somewhere between a cheddar and a Swiss mountain cheese. Unpasteurised / Cows Milk / Hard / Not Suitable for Vegetarians.



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