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Choose your cheese based on the country it was produced. This should help you make up the perfect cheese board.

“Mona Lisa” The French Cheese Selection

French Cheese


These delicious cheeses from France are bound to put you in a trance.


Selection Includes:

Delice de Bourgogne ~ Delice is a triple creme cheese with a rich and full flavoured with a smooth, melt in the mouth texture. Unpasteurised / Soft / Cows Milk / Not suitable for Vegetarians.

Fourme D’ambert ~ This is a semi hard, subtle blue cheese with sharp and tangy flavours. It’s one of Frances oldest cheese dating back to the Roman times. Pasteurised / Cows Milk / Semi Hard / Not suitable for Vegetarians.

Comté ~ A firm smooth combined with a buttery texture and fruity flavours. Unpasteurised / Cows Milk / Semi Hard / Not suitable for Vegetarians.

Chèvre Log ~ This is a classic French goats cheese. Beautiful creamy addition to your cheese board but used more regularly in cooking. Pasteurised / Goats Milk / Soft / Vegetarian.



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