Cheese Selections

“The Rock” The Hard Cheese Selection

Hard Cheese


Like your cheeses hard as rock? Here you go its cheese o’clock.


Selection includes:

Rutland Red ~ Using a traditional recipe, it is buttered, clothed and left to mature for 6 months to create its flakey, fruity flavours. Pasteurised / Cows Milk / Hard / Not suitable for Vegetarians.

Comté ~ A firm smooth combined with a buttery texture and fruity flavours. Unpasteurised / Cows Milk / Semi Hard / Not suitable for Vegetarians.

Wyngarrd Goat Gouda ~ A full creamy tasting goats cheese with hints of walunt nut and creme fraiche on the finish. Pasteurised / Hard / Goats Milk / Not Suitable for Vegetarians.

Lincolnshire Vintage Poacher ~ This cheese is a hard, mature cheese that is somewhere between a cheddar and a Swiss mountain cheese. Unpasteurised / Cows Milk / Hard / Not Suitable for Vegetarians.



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