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Patum Perrium Gentlemans Relish 42.5g

Savoury Nibbles


Patum Peperium was created by John Osborne, an Englishman living in Paris in 1828. It quickly became a hit with both Parisians and English men alike. The name Gentleman’s Relish was added by consumers in the 1800’s and spread by word of mouth. The main ingredients are Anchovies, butter, salt, and a secret ‘ingredient X’ that John only told his son. To this day it remains a tightly guarded secret! Traditionally, Patum Peperium is enjoyed at breakfast, spread sparingly on hot buttered toast, or with scrambled eggs to make ‘Scotch Woodcock’. It can also be added to fish or mince dishes, such as Shepard’s Pie to add that little extra something

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