Giving a hamper, whether to family, friends or as a business gift, is always one of the most appreciated , especially when it contains the individually sourced products from Otters Fine Foods. This year Otters offer an even larger choice of Hampers containing a selection of our delicious, high quality and most popular products.

Otters Meat Hamper

Savoury Hampers


Smoked Chicken Breast, Air Dried Pork or Suffolk Salami?
With our fantastic Meat Hamper you don’t have to choose between them, the perfect combination we offer as savoury gifts for foodies at Christmas or through the year.

This Foodies Variety selection comes in a kraft box with brandes ribbon and includes our fine products below:

~ Smoked Chicken Breast

~ Air Dried Pork Loin

~ Iberico Tapas

~ Suffolk Salami

~ Piccalilli

Perfect to Show your Appreciation to a Special Friend.

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