At Otters we are excited to offer a range of charcuterie including a growing range of British charcuterie. Served on a big board with some nice wine and cheese this is one of the most sociable dinners you can enjoy! In this category you will find some of the favourites like prosciutto di parma or chorizo to some more unusual products. Some of the more unusual charcuterie products that we are enjoying more and more fall into the category British Charcuterie, where small producers are popping up and competing with charcuterie from the rest of Europe.

Iberico Cold Meat Platter

Spanish Charcuterie


Finest selection of spicy Spanish meat: chorizo, salchichon (salami) and Serrano ham. Incredibly tasty, it is a perfect extra for a nice evening.

You can use it for numerous recipes or serve it on its own accompanied by crackers, cheese, figs & asparagus.

Try it now with our beautiful breadsticks Casalinga Artisan Grissini. 

We promise you’ll enjoy it!

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