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Breckland Orchard Sloe Lemonade 275ml



t’s the wonderful pink hue of our sloe lemonade that attracts people and then they taste it and they are smitten [it’s hard not to be!]. The inspiration for this one came from Sloe Gin mixed with our Cloudy Lemonade it’s a long drink to die for. But that set me thinking – could we just take the flavour of the Sloe and the flavour of the Lemonade and create something very special? We could, and we did!

Here’s one customer’s feedback “Sloe lemonade may well be the nicest lemonade I have ever tasted.” We think he might be right!

Summer Fruit Cup did a taste review. And their tasting notes described it as ‘all-round, rather good’
PS – Sloe lemonade mixed with sloe gin is unbelievably fabulous!

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