Like Cheddar we felt that the Bries needed a category to themselves. We all love a good oozy runny brie that tries to escape the cheese board. The runniest of them all is the 'king of cheeses' from France... the Brie de Meaux!

Cotswold Organic Brie 240g

Soft Cheese


Cotswold Organic Brie is a rich and creamy brie. A soft, white cheese, the clean and fresh taste develops over time without becoming pungent. Simon Weaver has produced this artisan cheese with organic cow’s milk from his herd of Fresians that forage and graze the low-lying meadows of the Cotswolds. The outcome is a soft, creamy, and rich cheese.

Simon Weaver is relatively new to the world of cheese making but is getting a lot of attention. In the space of a year, he scooped two Taste of the West awards and a Gold medal at the 2006 World Cheese Awards.

This organic brie is ideal on salads and toasties, as well as a staple on your cheeseboard. Our recommendation? Try it on a Sea Salt Flatbread with Hawkshead Red Onion Marmalade.

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