Cheese Celebration Cakes

Cheese celebration cakes are perfect gifts for a cheese lover. They are ideal companions to weddings, birthdays and parties as they look and taste great!

Below you'll find examples of the cakes we've already made. Their prices are only for the cakes themselves as the decorations are optional. You can ask for the same decoration ideas or provide your own to make your cake more special and personal. If you have any ideas, please share them with us as we are more than happy to discuss them.

If you're unsure about the sizes, we offer a very good rule of thumb to use approximately 100g of cheese per person. It may sound a lot but, believe us, it's better to have more than less!

In case you would like something different, don't hesitate to call or email us at We are looking forward to learning about your preferences and creating a piece you'll surely love.

Cheese Wedding & Celebration Cake Example 3

Cheese Celebration Cakes



This amazing cheese wedding & celebration cake includes the following:


Base/1st tier: Rutland Red, loyal to traditions, this cheese is matured for six months for a flaky texture, slightly caramelised flavour and Leicester foxy red colour.

2nd tier: Delice De Bourgogne, triple cream cheese from the Burgundy region of France, with a soft, velvety texture melting in the mouth, rich and flavourful.

3rd tier: Organic Vintage Godminster, a multi-award-winning cheddar made with high-quality organic milk, rich, strong and simply delicious.

4th tier: Fourme D’ambert, semi-hard French blue cheese, famous since Roman times. In comparison with many other blue cheeses its flavour enhances gradually despite its initial depth.

5th tier: Camembert, a dewy, soft French cheese with a deep earthy flavour, that was first made in Normandy, France.

6th tier: Langres, sumptuously rich. Named after the French market town of Langres, this cheese has a distinctive wine grape note.

Crown/7th tier: Organic Vintage Godminster Heart


Total Weight of Cheesecake = 7.2kg

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