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Choose your cheese based on the country it was produced. This should help you make up the perfect cheese board.


Soft Cheese


A mould ripened cheese from the Bourgogne region, expertly matured for a slightly salty earthy flavour with a nutty aroma.

This cylindrical shaped cheese takes its name from its production village. It has a soft-ripened, creamy and a little bit crumbly, non-elastic texture. Surrounded by a white velvety rind, it’s ageing process lasts between 2 weeks to 2 months.

Made from cow’s milk, Chaource is a soft cheese with triple soft crème and cured in-house for four months allowing the cheese to become very rich and tart. The taste is Similar to Camembert but even creamier, this Finest cheese is matured for at least 14 days and produced in little wheels at around 10 cm in diameter , making it an excellent savoury.

Chaource is great for sandwiches, cooking or on a cheeseboard. Our recommendation? Try it with Butter Wholemeal Crackers, Hawkshead Chillililli and Lime and Chilli Fruit Puree.

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