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Crackers and biscuits for cheese are an equally important part of your cheese board. Why spend the time finding your perfect cheeses to only accompany them with cheap and tasteless crackers. Here we have chosen some of our favourites that give you an amazing texture as well as flavour. Ultimately it is down to your individual tastes, some of us love finding our favourite soft cheese and adding it to a crusty bit of bread whilst others love the combination of a good creamy blu stilton with a crumbly oatcake. Whatever you choose we have tried to put together something for everyone here. Some are even great by themselves as a nibble with a nice chilled glass of wine.

Casalinga Rosemary Crackers

Savoury Nibbles


We introduce the Italian-made crackers, with the sublime taste of rosemary.

The subtle hints of rosemary make this a wonderful cracker to eat with meat, olives, pate and drinks alongside. Whether with cheese or any kind of ham these crumbly Crackers fit any occasion.

Try a classic combination of Greek Feta cheese and a fresh green salad.

Also Match creamy French cheese like Brie de Meaux and Delice de Bourgogne which provides an extra triple cream to the palate.

Ingredients: Soft wheat flour, olive oil, sunflower oil, salt, yeast, rosemary, natural rosemary flavouring. May contain traces of sesame seeds and soya.

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