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Breckland Orchard Ginger Beer with Chilli 275ml



Ginger beer with just a kick of chilli at the end – it won’t blow your head off but it will give you a lovely tingle in your tastebuds

This is the drink breckland are probably most famous for – there are an army of Breckland Orchard ginger beer with Chilli lovers out there who adore its complex flavours and delicious chilli zing! Summer Fruit Cup did a review of 27 ginger beers ‘… the whole panel loved it; they thought that it had just the right balance of sweetness and fieriness. If you haven’t tried this yet, do. Our highest recommendation’

Anyone who likes ginger beer will adore this clean tasting version. We use citrus in the recipe, so you get a nice burst of citrus flavour, then the zing of Ginger and finally… just the gentlest tingle of Chilli at the back of your mouth. Would we load it up with so much chilli that it would be undrinkable? Of course not… One taste and you’ll be addicted!

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